Stucco Inspection

If you are considering purchasing a stucco home you should get a separate Stucco Inspection. A regular home inspection does NOT inspect the condition of the stucco. It is not unheard of for home owners to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to correct the issue of failing stucco. Consumers usually have to pay for the fix out of their own pockets.

A spokesperson for the The Pennsylvania Builders Association says “it’s more prevalent in the Southeast area of Pennsylvania in Philadephia, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware counties, where there is a higher rate of the use of stucco.”

Pennsylvania law says homeowners can’t hold the original builder accountable for problems after 12 years.

Insurance generally covers an occurrence to which a specific date can be attached but stucco failure happens over a long period of time.

Don’t make this mistake. If your potential new home has stucco, give yourself peace of mind. Have Blue Line Home Inspection inspect your new home.